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A Mandatory Break From Paradise

Hey Everybody!

It certainly has been a while since we have last blogged and a lot has happened! 

We are here on day 5 of being closed due to the pandemic that all of you are well aware of.  We decided to close up our storefront for several reasons but the number one reason was the health of our customers and our staff.  This has been a tough time for everyone but never fear, we will get through this together.  The communities support has been second to none and we thank you all very much for all of that support!  We wouldn’t be here without you all and for that, we thank you!


As we noted before, our storefront is closed but that does not mean that we are closed for business.  For those of you who don’t know, we started Cafe Rica in 2016 as an online store selling bags of Cafe Naranjo coffee from Costa Rica.  Our father discovered this coffee many years ago and has been drinking it ever since.  We couldn’t get this coffee in the United States so we decided that we would import the coffee ourselves and bring it to the people online.  For the past four years we have been shipping our coffee nationwide to many loyal customers who much like us, discovered this coffee when they visited Costa Rica.  We have found that something as simple as taking a sip of warm coffee can transport you to another time and place.  Nostalgia and travel via memories can be important during times like these where many of us are on “stay at home” orders.  If you have been missing travel, the beach, the tropics, or even just miss being out in public sharing a cup of coffee with your best friends (we know we miss seeing people every day) maybe we can help.  We still are shipping coffee out to customers nationwide and even as close at Battle Creek.  We are also expanding our coffee selection in out store to include a selection of roasts from our friend Lee and Little Quiet Coffee Company.  These new roasts will be live on the site soon and we are so very happy to share his delicious coffee with all of you! Stop on by our website and take a look at what we have to offer while our storefront is closed!


April is fast approaching and for those who have been with us for a few years you know that means its Mug Club season!  For those of you who don’t know, let’s fill you in on what the Mug Club is all about.  We offer a 20 oz travel tumbler that can be refilled at our shop for the same price as a 16 oz cup.  You also get $1 off of any drink on Monday (Mug Club Monday), and an extra shot of espresso in any espresso based drink.  The 2020 mug is a gorgeous Stainless Steel Matte Mint traveler mug which will keep your drink piping hot or ice cold for hours.  They are available for sale now and we will be sending out mugs today! 


Thank you everyone for dropping by today and thank you all for your continued support!  Until next time!