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Our Story

Los Hermanos

We are Tristan and Jackson Bredehoft and we own and operate Café Rica USA.  We are an online retailer of the Café Naranjo brand coffee from Costa Rica.  We have direct ties to Costa Rica as our mother was born and raised there and immigrated to the United States over 30 years ago.  Our father discovered Café Naranjo years ago when he was on a quest to find the perfect cup of Costa Rican coffee.  Café Naranjo has been his everyday drinker ever since.  We decided to take our love of Café Naranjo to the next level.


Café Rica USA Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the delicious, Hand Picked, Hand Bagged, Small Family-Farmed, Café Naranjo from the volcanoes of Costa Rica to you. We plan to do that by bringing the same handcrafted quality to our products, as well as customer service. We also plan to uphold the environmental standards that Café Naranjo has placed before us. We take conscious efforts to protect the environment by using GREEN Packaging; from our 100% compostable single-serve packages to our 100% compostable and Recycled mailing packages; whenever possible. Not only are we taking steps to better the Earth with our packaging but we also have vowed to donate 5% of our profits to The Rainforest Alliance.

Join us in improving the quality of your coffee as well as your quality of living!


About Café Naranjo (Coopro Naranjo)

Coopro Naranjo started in 1968, with 91 small coffee farms. Now Coopro Naranjo is a Coop of 2400+ coffee farms. About 95% of those are small FAMILY-OWNED farms located in the Naranjo Region of Costa Rica. One of their goals is to make sure those family-owned farms are in the position to be sustainable and do not get exploited. Due to this thought process, Coopro Najanjo is Fair Trade CertifiedThe other pillar of Coopro Naranjo is environmental sustainability. They have taken many steps to be more environmentally friendly from using a Hydroelectric Power Plant to using fruit trees as a pest repellant. These actions have helped grant them the Rainforest Alliance Certification. 

Coopro Naranjo Mission Statement

"Coopronaranjo is a co-operative enterprise of coffee producers and multiple services, whose mission is to improve the living conditions of its associates, employees and the community by applying efficient sustainable modern production processes, benefiting from and marketing the coffee, as well as the provision of services with high quality standards to meet the needs of our associates and customers, integrating these processes to preserve and improve the environment."