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Uncover The Hidden Gems of Battle Creek

Battle Creek has been a place we have called home for over 25 years. Both of us were born in Ohio but moved to Battle Creek at a young age when out father, George, was transferred to The Federal Center right in downtown. Much like many small towns in the midwest, Battle Creek has felt a huge impact economically since the 80s and even more recently the housing crisis in 2008. However, Battle Creek has always had amazing people and businesses that make it an amazing city. These people are the bloodline of Battle Creek and have always taken it upon themselves to do amazing work here in their Hometown. We have wanted to uplift Battle Creek through the content...

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2021 is going to be our biggest year yet!

We love our new beautiful space and cannot wait until we can have guests in here again.  We have big plans for our space in the coming year and we are excited for what 2021 is going to bring to not only our business but our downtown community. 

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Getting Caffeinated Down In Dallas | The Morning Cup

On This Episode of The Morning Cup, Josh and Tristan get caffeinated down in Dallas when they try out Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Natural Ethiopian. Ever since we saw a meme on Instagram, from one of the most well known celebrity baristas in the country Mohsin, IG: @One_Moh_Pour, we have been dying to try a Natty Yirg, or Natural Yirgacheffe. And Today was the day!   With a lot of hype behind this varietal Josh was super excited to see a bag of it down in Texas when we was visiting for Thanksgiving. He instantly grabbed it and decided it would be perfect for The Morning Cup. So we poured it up and put it to the test. 

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