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Best Chai Latte in town? How we make it and more!

What’s going on everybody?!

I hope everyone I having a great week and a fantastic start to the new year!  Remember, get one inch better every day and you’ll get to your goal!

Today I wanted to talk bout a product line of ours that isn’t coffee related, our Tea Lattes.  What is a tea latte? Well I’m glad you asked!  A Tea Latte is pretty much how it sounds, a latte made with tea instead of espresso.  Many coffee shops have these on their menu and they are made in a variety of different ways.  A common way to make these drinks is to buy the pre-made concentrates that already have milk or a milk alternative mixed in.  For these you simply pour the mixture into a pitcher and steam to temperature and pow, your Chai Latte is all ready to go.  This method is a commonly used method that provides consistency and speed for these beverages.  The method we use is a bit different and we feel provides a superior hand crafted product.

As many of you know, we get our tea from Fraser Tea, they are local to Michigan and we met them at the Made in Michigan food expo two years ago.  We tried a sample of their tea and were hooked and have used them for our tea offerings ever since.  While browsing their website we came across larger bags of Overdrive Chai, we ordered it and it has been as they say, history. 

We brew our tea into a concentrate (a trick we learned at coffee fest in Indianapolis) using a ratio of 48 grams of tea and 32 oz of hot water, we brew it for ten minutes and our concentrate is all set.  When someone orders a tea latte we then take 2 oz of tea (the same amount of espresso used in a standard latte) steam your milk of choice, add a smidge of vanilla, and a powdering of cinnamon and out comes what many people have said is the best Chai Tea Latte that they have ever drank.  We take pride in the fact that guests have gave us that feedback because our main goal is to provide the best beverages we can offer. 

The other Tea Latte that we offer all year long is the London Fog, this is a drink made with Earl Grey Tea, vanilla, and three dashes of lavender bitters.  This offers a warm, semi-sweet, floral drink that can brighten up even the most dreary day. 

Seasonally we offer the Pumpkin Pie Chai, Hot Spicy Cinnamon, and the Apple Spice Gingerbread latte.  We wanted to make an effort to set ourselves apart from other coffee shops by overing a larger variety of lattes while maintaining our high quality products.

I hope everyone has a great day and a very productive second half of the week, let’s finish it out strong!




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