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Our Tour At Café Naranjo

Two years ago Jackson and I went on a trip to Costa Rica with our parents. I had just graduated from Michigan State University and we decided to travel back to our mothers home country to see some family and meet with Café Naranjo. 

At this point in time Café Rica USA was still in its infancy and we were learning and looking for a direction to steer this ship we were building. A few weeks prior we sat down and discussed what we thought we wanted to so. After 3 months of officially being a company, this was the first time we really made a plan for this new venture. This was well before we even thought about becoming a Cold Brew Company. We figured meeting with the Cooperative and learning more about their operations was the best thing we should do at that point.

So we called Café Naranjo, scheduled a tour. The Espiritu Santo Tour was not something they only provided for just their business partners but was open to the public. On this tour, we were shown the facilities that they have built in the past 50 years and an inside look at the process and the journey their coffee takes. From the very beginning, where our mother got to pick some ripe coffee berries, to the roasting process. It was a very informative tour that we were able to capture a little bit of.  I suggest that if you are in Naranjo Region to visit the cooperative and take this tour, but until then enjoy this short video. 

-Tristan Bredehoft