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PODCAST: We Are Having An Art Show!

We have been recording our conversations with local difference makers for 20 episodes now and we finally are writing about them on our website. These conversations are always intriguing and inspiring. The reason we started doing these was to show the Battle Creek Community that there are great people doing amazing things in their community. We are currently on episode 20 and it has been amazing. The stories and connections have been priceless. We love doing them and hope we can bring some entertainment for everyone. 


On this episode, we talk with a local artist, Cory Patterson. Cory is the mastermind behind "Out Of The Woodwork". The art show we are hosting at our shop on May 24th. We talk about how he found a passion for photography. He also has lived around the world creating art and a bond with many people. He moved back to the area last year and is looking to boost the art culture in Battle Creek. 


His first step to doing so was collaborating with us on a Show featuring his work. It is a collection of pictures he has taken all over the world transposed on wood. We will be having live art as well and some craft adult beverages sponsored by BCMAMS. It should be a good time and great art. 


If you would like to watch the full interview here is the link to our youtube!

You can also listen to the show on all major platforms under 'The Los Hermanos Podcast! 

You can also follow this link as well.

We hope you enjoy!