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The Seasons Pass The Years Will Roll

The seasonal change in inevitable and often times a benchmark that people look forward to, especially in the Midwest.  We take the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to get creative with our food and drink and develop seasonal specials.  During the winter months we had drinks such as the Yule log and the Evergreen, we used smokey chicory to develop a beverage that gave you the feeling of a warm fire.  The evergreen was made with a juniper berry and cardamon simple syrup and had the aromatics of a trip to the Christmas tree farm.  We take pride in our creative seasonal drinks because we like to push the envelope and combine flavors that may not always be traditional pairings with coffee.  We have continued that with our new spring seasonal menu!

Cafe Rica Seasonal Menu

This spring we are bringing back a two favorites and have developed three new drinks.  The classics are our Mint Julep Cold Brew and out Raspberry Basil Lemonade.  The Mint Julep Cold Brew is made with cold brew coffee, mint leaves, coarse sugar and simple syrup.  You muddle the coarse sugar and leaves together to release the mint oil and then pour in ice and cold brew, topping it off with a splash of simple syrup and stir.  This is a refreshing cool beverage that is good at any time of day.  The Raspberry basil lemonade is a twist on a typical lemonade variant by adding a few torn basil leaves, shaken and then poured over ice.

Raspberry Basil LemonadeBlackberry Lemonade

Our new seasonal drinks are the Plum Blossom Cold Brew, the Lemon Lavender Latte and the Orange Lavender Latte.
The second two are a play off of our popular lavender latte but we add either orange or lemon bitters to the drink adding a delicious citrus aroma that pairs wonderfully with the floral lavender.  These drinks are good hot but I think the aromatics and flavor really shine in an iced latte.  The Plum Blossom Cold Brew is made with cold brew pours over ice, a splash on simple syrup and 3 dashes of plum bitters.  This is a cool, refreshing drink that you can sip while sitting on the porch reading or watching the day go by.

Plum Blossom Cold Brew

Another new product line that we have is coffee roasted by our friend Lee Winkler, he owns Little Quiet Coffee Co.  He roasts here in Battle Creek and has several delicious varietals of coffee, so far the Ethiopian and Burundi have been our favorites. All of his coffees are light roasts and have huge amounts of distinct flavors.  Little Quiet Coffee Co. is a staple on our pour over list at the shop.  Thank you everyone for stopping by and taking some time out of you day to join us in coffee talk, take it easy!


Jackson and Tristan