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Tis' The Season!: Winter Menu Preview

With Thanksgiving coming and going; and snow falling it is now time for a change. The Fall Seasonal Menu has always been an awesome menu to build and present, with fan favorites, like The Apple Pie Latte and The Cider Mill Waffles, the Fall Menu can be a tough act to follow. However, we believe we will be presenting a menu that can live up to it's predecessor  

One of the largest success of this year's Fall Menu was The Harvest Tostada. This vegan offering is a light and warming tostada that hits all the flavors you are craving in the cold weather. The Beans, Onion and Butternut squash is a perfect  combination and will be featured again in the Winter.


I don't know about you but, for me, once the weather goes below freezing, I look for some food that will be comforting. One of the foods that brings the most comfort is a grilled cheese sandwich.

With help from Ricky and Cole, we have decided to bring you a grilled cheese menu that will comfort you through the coldest days of Michigan Winter. First starting out with Cole's Grilled Cheese. Cole wanted to end the ultimate dilemma of combining a grilled cheese and tomato soup on the go. This grilled cheese has fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and cheddar cheese. Next is Ricky's Grilly Cheesesteak. This sandwich will transport you to the streets of Philadelphia with grilled steak, grilled onion, and grilled peppers topped with melted pepper-jack cheese. The twist is the perfectly toasted butter crust bread that has a spongy inside and crunchy outside. Jackson is a self proclaimed grilled cheese connoisseur and has taken his knowledge and put it to the test in creating a special fusion style grilled cheese.  As a lover of the great appetizer of Jalapeño Poppers and Grilled Cheese, Jackson has combined the two, to create the Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese and it will keep you warm all winter.


Next up on the menu preview is the age old question of "What Came First, The Chicken or the Egg?" 

Waffle sandwiches have been extremely fun to make and develop. They have been one of our signature dishes which have allowed us to show some of our creativity. This dish has been an idea for a long time and has almost even been a feature of the week a few times, however, it always was missing something. That is until now, until the in-house strawberry ghost pepper jam. That jam is the ingredient that marries the chicken and the egg perfectly with the waffle. This meal is something you want to try out and find out which came first.


This winter menu is something special and we are super excited to present it to everyone and to put the cherry on top we are releasing a new Cafe Rica Roasted Coffee, a Natural Yirgacheffe. This coffee will wow many. It is such a unique coffee and might be our best coffee to date.


Come see what then winter menu has to offer as it is now available for in-shop ordering and Online Ordering.