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What's in a motto? How we came up with ours.

Hey everyone!


Earlier this week we were asked a simple question that we should have been able to answer easily and directly, what is your motto?  We sat and thought about it for a minute and realized that we were unable to give an answer, we don’t really have a motto.  We have said things over and over, “The Gold Standard”; “Battle Creek’s premier coffee company”; “The Best Coffee in Town”.  Those are things that we have repeated over and over and things that we stand by but do they really encapsulate what we are as a company, as a brand?  That is something that we had to sit down and think about, what was our motto? What is the message that we really want to send?


We started to think about it and we had to ask ourselves a couple of questions, what problem do we solve (as a shop) for people, and what brings people into our shop?  The problem that we solve is that people want high quality coffee.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality coffee every day.  All of our beans are responsibly sourced and are certified fair trade, this is important to us as it ensures that farmers are treated fairly and get paid what they deserve.  High quality coffee is the start but what else brings people in?  As we thought about we it took a look back at some of the things that we do, such as our podcast, our community outreach, and our events and it became clear.  People come in because we make them feel at home, we invest in our community and make Cafe Rica be a part of the Battle Creek community.   


We started focusing on community building back when we were attending the Can Do Kitchen, through that program we met several small business owners that we had no idea had businesses.  We thought to ourselves, “how many businesses like these are in Battle Creek and how could we show people what we have to offer?”  From this conversation Drinks with Los Hermanos was born, we interview local business owners and ask them about what inspired them to open their own business and how they plan to keep it going.  We feel that this podcast exemplifies what we want to accomplish at Cafe Rica, building community and building long lasting relationships. 


We feel that long lasting relationships is what will bring not only us, but all small business, long lasting success.  Without the trust and confidence of the people a business will not be able to thrive.  We here at Cafe Rica want to bring you good coffee and good conversation, we want to build relationship and know all of our customers. 

We want to have Strong Coffee and Stronger Relationships.