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What's in a motto? How we came up with ours.

We feel that long lasting relationships is what will bring not only us, but all small business, long lasting success.  Without the trust and confidence of the people a business will not be able to thrive.  We here at Cafe Rica want to bring you good coffee and good conversation, we want to build relationship and know all of our customers.

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Coffee and beer: Hard Bock Cafe

What’s going on everybody?!   I hope everybody is having a great beginning to the new year and that you’re still on target for your goals and or resolutions for the year!  If you didn’t watch our video the other day we spoke about helping keep each other accountable for our new goals.  It can be tough sledding trying to go through them alone, so share your goals with close friends so they can encourage and support you!   Today I just wanted to share an alternative use for coffee other than brewing and drinking it.  Last year we had the opportunity to partner with Territorial Brewing Company on a coffee beer!  Hard Bock Cafe, as you could imagine, is...

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What a way to close out 2019!

What’s going on everybody?!   Jackson here and today I am going to be putting down some words about a new and exciting piece of news that not all of you may be aware of yet.   As of today, December 31st 2019 I, Jackson, am officially a full time Café Rica employee.  Now some of you may ask, “But Jackson, you already work there a lot, what do you mean full time?”  Well as of today I no longer work for the Department of Defense.  Until today I have been splitting time between the shop and my full time job for the DoD and it has been quite the journey.  It truly has been a life changing eight years...

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